Living spaces.

We believe in mindful, coherent, detail-oriented architecture. A constant search for ways to enhance the spaces we work with. The ultimate user experience.

Listen, think, design, live

At VIVIM we believe in architecture that is intimate yet practical, keeping pace with society as it evolves; reflecting its concerns. We focus on building trust in our relationships with the individuals involved in each project, ushering them through all phases of the architectural process: deliberation, design, and construction. We use our in-house 3D visualization skills to share our thought process and creative approach early on, bringing architecture closer to our clients and improving their experience.

Our purpose and goals could never have materialized without the passion, engagement, and talent of all the people who, over time, have made up the VIVIM family: a world-class team of architects, designers, and graphic artists with shared values and a common goal.

Thanks to all the people who have been part of this team: Alex Gallach, Xavier Goñi, Pau Solés, Helena López, Joseba Gómez, Marta Orensanz, Joan Miquel Ferriol, Alba Figueroa


Caixabank, Ametller Origen, Celo S.A., Edreams-Odigeo, Mccann World Group, Boehringer Ingelheim, Adeslas, Confisegur, Seidor, Monday, and many preople who haves trusted us.

At VIVIM our name ("we live") is also our motto. Because the architecture we believe in goes beyond building walls and designing spaces: it’s about the experience.

Reivindicamos una arquitectura cercana y vivida, que crezca a la velocidad de la sociedad y refleje sus inquietudes. Una búsqueda constante de aquello que hace revalorizar los espacios en los que intervenimos. Aquello que te hace vivirlos.

Pl. de Vallvidrera 7 C2
08017 Barcelona
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